One transparent monthly fee.

Cancel anytime.

JumpStart Plan

AED 0 Monthly/per child
  • Three Months Free
  • Parents + Child Account
  • Parental Controls
  • Child Visa Card
  • Free Bank Transfers
  • Free Transfers to Child

Common Pricing Questions

Are there any other fees?

  • Replacement card: AED 50
  • Inactivity fee: AED 50
  • Debit Card Top Up: Variable fee (Visa 1.4% + 3 AED) or (Mastercard 2.45% + 1 AED)
  • ATM fee for Non-Mashreq bank terminals: 2 AED

    That's it! 🙂 

Is there a minimum spend?

There is no minimum spend on the card! We actually recommend to spend as little as possible so your child saves more for their future 🙂 

Is there a fee to do a bank transfer?

There are absolutely no fees to do a bank transfer to your parent wallet. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! Since we're a monthly subscription, you can cancel your account at anytime with no cancelation fees. 

What is the free month trial?

We're giving away a free three month trial for all early users of Leap. The trial is a way for you and your child to see if Leap is the right product for you - and if its not, don't worry, just cancel your account at anytime! 

Are there any fees to transfer money to my child?

There are absolutely no fees to transfer money to your child. You can transfer money to your child as much as you want for free. 

Are there any fees to spend at retailers?

There are no fees whatsoever to spend at retailers in the UAE. 

Is there a fee to transfer money back to my bank account after cancelling my account?

There are no fees to transfer money from your parent wallet back to your bank account at the time of cancelling.